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A fairer, greener future for Bournemouth

Tom Hayes

Parliamentary Candidate for Bournemouth East

Bournemouth is a beautiful and brilliant place to live, work and study. Everyone in Bournemouth Labour Party is proud of our town and excited about the possibility of representing local people and improving our neighbourhoods.

But Bournemouth is on the wrong track and our standard of living is getting worse because of the Conservative-led BCP Council. The Council is divided, reckless with our money and plagued by scandals.

Bournemouth deserves better but the Conservatives are letting you, your family and our town down. We’re paying for their vanity projects, cuts to vital services, and mismanagement. It’s time that stopped.

Our Labour candidates, councillors, and parliamentary candidates have been having thousands of conversations with local people all over the town. Many of your neighbours are saying that they won’t vote Conservative again and they’ll vote Labour, sometimes for the first time.

In wards across Bournemouth, it’s a two-horse race between Labour and the Conservatives. Your vote can make a difference. If you vote Labour, you will elect Labour councillors.

Vote Labour for integrity and decency, councillors who are on your side all-year round not just at election time, and for a fresh start at BCP Council. Vote Labour to send a signal to the Conservatives that enough is enough. It’s time for change and we’re ready to bring it.

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Boscombe East and Pokesdown

Boscombe West

West Southbourne

East Cliff and Springbourne


Queen’s Park

Bournemouth Central

Value for money

Labour will ensure BCP Council gets the basics right, investing in frontline services rather than Tory vanity projects.

Greening our area

Labour is pushing for bolder action to cut local carbon emissions, improve local biodiversity, and champion green spaces.

Combatting antisocial behaviour

Labour will work with the police to tackle drug dealing, antisocial behaviour, and local crime.

Tackling problem parking

Labour will work with you to protect residents’ parking and tackle problem parking hotspots.

A better deal for renters

Labour will press for improved standards for rental properties and will combat rogue landlords.

What’s my ward?

Please enter a full postcode. 🏡

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