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Labour Group Cost of Living Motion Wins Unanimous Support

An important motion calling on BCP council to do everything it can to support local residents suffering from the cost-of-living crisis was passed unanimously last night (11 July).

The Labour Group asked the council to ensure the services it provides to people either in-house or through charities and the voluntary sector are adequately funded to ensure residents can access the help they need.

The original motion had called for action this year, through a revised budget, to finance the community engagement services that help those affected by the cost-of-living crisis find the services and support they need from the Council and its partner organisations.

Commenting on the debate, Councillor Sharon Carr-Brown, Labour Group Leader, said:

We were disappointed that the administration wasn’t able to offer a revised budget for this year and commit the funding to support the services that are so desperately needed now.

But we understand the very tight budget constraints they are working within, given the state the previous Conservative administration left the Council’s finances in

Councillor Sharon Carr-Brown
Labour Group Leader

Speaking in the debate, Councillor Sue Aitkenhead, the Labour Group Deputy Leader, said:

Recognising all these things, we felt that the best way for us to try and persuade the administration to act on this now, was not for us to fight them and try to make political points, but to show people that we can work together for the good of local people and that is what the priority is here.

Councillor Sue Aitkenhead
Labour Group Deputy Leader

Councillor Carr-Brown added:

We welcome the strong commitment to outline the kind of action the Cabinet will take in the next budget. We will hold them to that commitment. We will watch and see how the next budget develops and hope the issues we’ve raised today will be kept at the front of their minds as they do this work.

We want this administration to be very different from the last and how this is progressed will demonstrate that difference.

Councillor Sharon Carr-Brown
Labour Group Leader