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Simon Adorian

West Southbourne


West Southbourne resident for 20 years

“I’ve lived in West Southbourne for the past 20 years. I share the pride local people feel about this area, and I’m aware of their concerns, including the lack of affordable housing and the need for more opportunities for young people.”

Nearly 40 years as a local headteacher

“I recently retired after a long career as a teacher and then as a headteacher locally. After 38 years’ service in the public sector, I remain committed to securing the best possible outcomes for families and young people. This means working to ensure that everyone has access to good housing, effective health and social care, high quality schools, and childcare.”

Why I want to be your Councillor

“I’d like to use my skills and dedication to serve the people of this vibrant community. My ambition is to be a councillor who will strive to ensure that our council makes local services work for everyone in the area.”

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