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Sharon Carr-Brown was elected as a councillor for Queen’s Park and Charminster in May 2023, and works alongside community champion Chris Talman to support local residents. We care passionately about our local community and want to see it be the best it can be.

We run regular surgeries where local residents can meet with us to raise local issues and to seek help interacting with the council and other local services, all in a confidential and respectful environment. See dates and times here.

If you can’t make it to one of our surgeries or would prefer written communication, please email Sharon at

And stay in touch with news about Queen’s Park and Charminster by following our WhatsApp, Facebook, or Twitter.

  • Kings Park Nursery Closure

    Kings Park Nursery Closure

    We were dismayed to read this news yesterday when a resident shared it on a local group chat. I was even more dismayed that this was the first I’d heard of it. I promised to follow up on this at council last night and so, as a group, we asked questions about it and made…

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  • Cleaning Up the Queen’s Park to Holdenhurst Road Underpass

    Cleaning Up the Queen’s Park to Holdenhurst Road Underpass

    A couple of weeks ago the underpass from Queen’s Park to Holdenhurst Rd near the football ground was flooded. I’ve told the Council and they’re assessing it. Today, fellow Labour Cllr Anne-Marie Moriarty and I took matters into our own hands and swept it clear of broken glass, litter and pine needles. We’ll keep doing…

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  • Cyril Park: Community Engagement

    Cyril Park: Community Engagement

    Chris and I had a cracking afternoon on Sunday talking to residents about what they’d like to see in Cyril Park’s future. Voting by pine cone is now a thing and lots of ideas were shared. 🙂 Thank you to everyone who came along and to those of you who’ve responded online. It all goes…

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  • Sharon Meets Park School’s Headteacher

    Sharon Meets Park School’s Headteacher

    It was lovely to meet Park School’s headteacher, Mrs Dowler, yesterday. We had a wide-ranging discussion about traffic congestion, parking, noise, litter, community links and the school’s future plans. The school is a longstanding feature of the Queen’s Park area and it was great to start working with her so positively.

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  • Cyril Park: Sharon and Chris Meet BCP Greenspaces Lead

    Cyril Park: Sharon and Chris Meet BCP Greenspaces Lead

    Chris and I had a really useful meeting with Martin Whitchurch, Lead for Greenspaces at BCP and the man to talk to about what can be done to revamp Cyril Park. So many people have told us how they want this area to be better – the play equipment fixed, the grassy areas looked after…

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  • Cyril Park: Sharon and Chris Meet Parks Team

    Cyril Park: Sharon and Chris Meet Parks Team

    Sharon and Chris had an incredibly productive meeting with Chris and Steve from BCP Parks today. We discussed: 🌾 Raised residents’ concerns over overgrowth, fly tipping and the condition of the play equipment. ✂ Identified areas where extra mowing is needed around the edge and the perimeters of the meadows. 🌻 Explored how the meadows…

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  • Sharon meets with Neighbourhood Policing Team

    Sharon meets with Neighbourhood Policing Team

    Thanks to the Neighbourhood Police Team for an incredibly productive meeting this afternoon. Working with my fellow ward councillor, Alasdair, we discussed how we can improve community engagement to ensure crime gets reported and acted on. We highlighted drug dealing and car crime as particular problems locally.

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  • Sharon and Chris meet with PCSOs

    We had a great meeting this morning at the Woodpecker Café with Police Community Support Officers (PCSOs) Hannah and Mike as well as local residents. We discussed ongoing issues of drug crime, fly-tipping, graffiti, and vehicle crime, exploring how the police are currently approaching these problems and considering novel approaches that could help make our…

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  • Thank you

    Thank you

    Thank you to everyone who voted for us and helped get me elected in the best part of Bournemouth – lovely Queen’s Park and Charmy! The work has already started.

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