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Mitigating Charminster Library Cutbacks

As part of the council’s budget for 2024-25, the libraries service has to cut spending by £500,000.

This is really unfortunate, as I believe that libraries are a very important community space and council service, representing warmth, learning, and opportunity throughout BCP.

Sadly, Charminster Library isn’t insulated from these cuts, and one of the main ways they’re saving money is by closing the library one extra day each week.

I took a very close look at the budget documents, and was dismayed to find that the council was planning to close Charminster Library on Thursday, its busiest day of the week, when many important clubs and activities take place there for local people.

I raised the issue with council officers and a more appropriate day for closure was selected, but I’ve heard of similarly troubling decisions impacting other libraries across BCP.

I fully appreciate and accept that tough decisions must be made in the current financial climate, but I’d really like to see more joined-up thinking on libraries, so that we can do best by our residents, especially in these challenging times.