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Michelle Dower



For local people

I moved from Newcastle with my parents in 1979 and have mainly lived on the borders of Kinson since. I feel privileged to live in such a beautiful location.  

I want to ensure that residents’ council tax is used wisely to improve the local area and our way of life, from increasing the availability of NHS dentists to improving public transport.

When Xelagroup announced that they were to pull out of its school and council-subsidised services and return the contract for 36 bus and others to the local council, I petitioned to have this replaced. Morebus have now taken over the contract.

Safer, cleaner places

Time and again, I hear people on the doorstep tell me that they don’t feel safe anymore. Drug dealing and related crimes have increased, antisocial behaviour is a concern, and so far there have been no concerted efforts to address these issues.

Being the joint Women’s Officer for Bournemouth Labour, I want to make sure that women’s issues are taken seriously, that women should be represented fairly and included in promoting better, safer, environments.

I am passionate about ensuring that people should feel safe on the streets and in their homes. Residents should be proud of where they live.

If elected, I will work tirelessly with local people, Dorset Police and the Safer and Stronger Communities partners and local charities to identify how we can improve the local community by potentially having CCTV located in hotspots as identified by residents, and requesting more local police on the beat.

Fly-tipping has also increased. I’ve reported a number of areas where it has taken place and I’ll be looking for stronger penalties for perpetrators.


I’ve mainly worked in financial services and IT and have qualifications in business analysis and project management working with senior leaders in business. My latest role is with IT Project Delivery.

For this I had to ensure that requirements are understood and communicated, and that projects are developed within the agreed time, meeting budget and quality expectations. All of these skills will be extremely valuable if I get elected.

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