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Declan Stones

East Cliff & Springbourne


Passionate about our community

“I moved to Dorset when I was five years old and, apart from three years at university in Plymouth, I’ve lived here.

I live and work in Bournemouth, and I’m passionate about putting our great town on the map. I want to make Bournemouth the best place for people to live, work, study, and retire, and to foster its place as a top holiday destination and business hotspot.

As your Councillor, I want residents to have a strong voice in the Town Hall who will stand up for local interests and give our community the investment and representation it deserves.”

Unleashing Bournemouth’s potential

“The people of East Cliff & Springbourne are ambitious for our town. From speaking to local residents, they share my ambition for the future of Bournemouth, but too many hard-working people feel that our Conservative Council and Government do not share that vision.

I would work every day to represent your interests and be your voice to unleash the potential of our town, which for too long has been held back by the Conservatives.”

Delivering change

“The role of a councillor is to represent people’s interests in the Town Hall, but just as critically to be a key part of the local community.

Our current Conservative council struggles to get the basics right: roads are not resurfaced, streets go uncleaned, green spaces are unprotected, and sewage is disgracefully dumped into our seas and waterways.

I’ll listen to local people to put their interests front and centre of everything I do, and I’ll try my utmost to be the best councillor I can be.”

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