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Jamie Martin

Bournemouth Central



I was born in Poole, and have made Bournemouth my home. I’ve lived in Bournemouth Central in the past, and currently live just outside the ward boundary.

I continue to spend much of my leisure time there, and I know a lot more can be done to make it a better place to live, work, and play. That’s why I’m standing Bournemouth Central, to help make it the place it deserves to be.


I’m passionate about maintaining and improving our green and blue spaces that we’re so lucky to have and enjoy in Bournemouth Central, as well as the natural and marine environments of the wider council area.

I want Bournemouth Central, and BCP, to be a place of opportunity and equality, and a place where residents have access to excellent public services and amenities.


I’m a train driver and a trade union activist based at Bournemouth Railway Station. As a workplace representative and trade union officer I advocate for, and work hard on behalf of, my members and colleagues. I will do the same for the people of Bournemouth Central.

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