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Chris Talman

Queen’s Park


For Queen’s Park

I’ve lived in Bournemouth my whole life. It’s an amazing place to live, with a fantastic natural environment, vibrant culture and recreational opportunities, diverse and dynamic businesses, and a strong sense of community.

I want to help ensure the town and Queen’s Park continue to be such a great place to live, that we unlock its full potential, and that we make it an even better place for all residents.


I’ve always believed that politics can be a powerful force for good. It’s the key catalyst for change, to bring about a healthier, happier, and more equal world. One in which we all feel safe, have the freedom to live our best lives, and are able to enjoy a clean and flourishing natural environment and a healthy climate.


Because I believe that politics can be such a powerful force for good, I have a deep respect for public office with an unmoving commitment to integrity in public life, including the Nolan Principles.

I firmly believe that the fundamental duty of elected representatives is to act in the public interest, improving residents’ lives, challenging corruption and dishonesty, and maintaining sound public finances.

Our current Conservative council has continually and manifestly failed to live up to these high standards, with numerous code of conduct violations and an irresponsible mismanagement of public finances.

Councillor Mark Anderson, a Conservative who currently represents Queen’s Park, has been found to have violated multiple key pillars of the code of conduct, including ‘a politically motivated misuse of [council] resources’ to benefit his own party.

I want decency, integrity, and sound public finances to be the foundation of everything we do in the local council.


I want to see the council act in the best interests of all Queen’s Park residents. We need safe communities, tidy streets, a green environment, fair and quality housing, sound public finances, and honest government.


In my professional life, I’ve worked as a software developer building applications for the renewable energy sector.

I’m also a YouTuber who creates video documentaries exploring important, challenging, and often-neglected topics for society and public policy.

I enjoy delving into these kinds of ideas and issues, particularly raising awareness among the public, so that policies at the local, national, and global levels can benefit from diverse perspectives and creative solutions, ultimately producing a better world for us all to thrive in.

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