Thur 22nd March Members Meeting

Can we avoid another economic crisis?

On March 22nd Professor Steve Keen is the guest speaker at our meeting from 7:30pm to 8:30pm. He will explain what caused the economic crisis that has inflicted so much totally unnecessary suffering on ordinary people.

Please note that no further bookings can be taken online. Please email to enquire about spare places.

Steve would charge a business audience or international forum up to £5000 for a talk. He is waiving his speaker's fee for Bournemouth Labour Party, so please bring your Labour Party membership cards with you and take your seats by 7:20pm. The closed Bournemouth Labour Party meeting will start at 8:30pm.

Steve Keen, author of Debunking Economics and Can we avoid another financial crisis? is one of a handful of international economists who predicted the global crash of 2008. With the help of what he calls his 'bullshit detector' he has spent his academic life demolishing the nonsense that passes for economics as taught in our universities for decades.

It is this indoctrination that results in Labour politicians like Chris Leslie and Yvette Cooper believing that Corbyn's policies are unaffordable and inflationary. These same beliefs marched the world blindfolded into the Great Financial Crisis. Much of the electorate, while sympathetic to Labour's values, still holds the view that the UK economy should be run the way a householder budgets for their shopping: the famous Thatcher shopping basket view.

Steve will explain why this view is a fallacy, and explain why parts of the global economy are heading for another crisis, while others like the UK economy are facing stagnation unless economic policy escapes the fetish for government surpluses and addresses the need for industrial development in a backdrop of serious climate change.

7:15pm Thursday 22nd March 2018

Elstead Hotel
12-14 Knyveton Road

Close to the heart of Bournemouth and a short stroll from the beach, yet conveniently placed for the major road and rail links, the Elstead Hotel is a perfect base for both business and pleasure.